The Ultimate Beach Wedding Checklist

Are you planning on saying ‘I do’ in a beautiful beach setting next summer? If so, make sure to remember all of the important details that accompany a beach

wedding. You may not need those shiny heels, but there are some items that you should definitely not forget if you plan on having the beach wedding of your dreams.

The Right Makeup

With the sun shining down and humidity filling the salty air, the beach can often be a sweaty place during the summer months. On your big day, you want to glow out of sheer happiness, not from perspiration, so remember to shop around for the right makeup to wear. Oil-free and light makeup products will help you withstand the hot day and keep your skin looking as flawless as it should. You might be tempted to forget the proper makeup for a beach wedding, but heavy foundation you might normally wear will simply melt away in the summer heat. Consider a foundation with sunscreen as well. After all, getting burned while basking in the rays of love on the altar is no way to kick off the wonderful beach honeymoon you may have planned.


You might remember to wear pretty white shoes or sandals, but some of your guests will inevitably show up trying to wade through the sand in heels. To combat this possible issue, consider handing out white sandals to guests. This will make your guests feel more comfortable and relaxed, not to mention you will have one less thing to worry about, which will allow you to enjoy the day that much more.

Water and Refreshments

Typical beverages and spirits can certainly be served for your beach wedding reception, but you might want to consider having a bottled water station as well. Other refreshing drinks like lemonade and iced tea should also be made available to keep yourself and guests well-hydrated while dancing the day away under the summer sun.


Speaking of sun, of course a sunny day is optimal for any beach wedding, but it is important to remember that it is easy to have too much of a good thing. Not only will your guests need a shady place or two to cool off, but the wedding cake and other food items will fare much better if they are not left to under the sun all day. You may not be able to find the perfect beach locale that offers natural shade trees, but plenty of resorts have gazebos and beautiful tents available that you can use to protect food and shelter guests who need a little reprieve from the sun’s rays.


Beach-Inspired Bridesmaid and Groomsmen Gifts


Beach weddings in East Sussex may be far from a tropical Hawaiian escape, but that doesn’t mean you cannot give out beach-themed gifts to members of your bridal party. Crystal seashells, starfish pendants, and other beach jewelry items will help get them in the right relaxed beach frame of mind. For the groomsmen, consider ties that have a beach motif.

Other than these special items, preparing for a beach wedding is not that unlike getting ready for a wedding in a traditional environment – special wedding attire, flowers, music, and food all need to be thought through properly. However with a beach wedding can have your guests bring their swimsuit along, for a dip in the sea once the celebrations are fully underway.


Places to get married on the beach

Please explore the following places that offer weddings on the beach!

Cooden Beach Hotel [link]

Strand House [link]

Gallivant Hotel [link]


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